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2CrazyBitches.com - SITERIP

2CrazyBitches.com - SITERIP. Female violence and arbitrariness with respect to different idiots, crazy knots extinguish different hacks for nothing. The site started its work in 2004, in this regard, the quality of the first clips of the site, the turd is rare. Now, more about what is happening in the clips, porn comedy in its pure form , The use of water pistols and plastic vending machines for rape. Also one said- I boo only those whom I want! After such statements, I do not know what to say and yet to get a lot of in the clips, especially in the early.The most funny in clips outdoor in nature. One raped and thrown under the train, the second was shot down in a car, raped for two days, then forced to dig a grave in the woods, shot and dug. The director does not have bad black humor to say. Then a few clips about the military theme and the rape of prisoners of war and the subsequent shooting of FSUs with the fisherman and tourists, did not catch a horse and climbed up to them tent, for which they tapped his hump on the hump, as well as a redheaded fool Meditated on the beach, did not touch anyone, but as usual the wrong place and the wrong time was raped and forced to bathe in cold water. No less ridiculous case, the type went into the entrance to take out, but was immediately seized and repaired and many Another.Further, in order to keep the interest of the site, new well-known female faces began to enter, including Oksana, Natasha from Kursk students, Natalia Brook and Prima well not White Sea and a lot of other profursetoks to me unknown. After that, rape lost its sharpness, but it got More aesthetic and eye-pleasing look. Generally and quite, very not bad.

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