18Eighteen 22 07 23 Chloe Temple 1080p

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18Eighteen 22 07 23 Chloe Temple 1080p

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Chloe is young and relatively inexperienced when it comes to fucking on-camera. Lucky for her, Brad is an expert when it comes to servicing tight, fresh pussies for the whole word to see. He guides her into position and slides down between her legs to eat her pussy. Her tender twat, tight body and perky tits make it an enjoyable experience for Brad (and you). Chloe is eager to please and hungrily swallows Brad’s thick cock, making sure to use her hands to jerk what she can’t swallow. And while her mouth has a limit to how much meat it can take, her pussy doesn’t. Brad slides his dick in to the hilt, bottoming out with his balls meeting her pussy lips. And even though Chloe is a newbie, she takes his big cock and his big load like a pro.

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