HotGuysFuck 22 08 22 Brianna Moore 1080p

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HotGuysFuck 22 08 22 Brianna Moore 1080p

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They say the cream always rises to the top, and Brent Savage has certainly been doing just that… climbing the ranks as a future HotGuysFUCK hall of famer. He’s got just the right amount of cocky and all the right amount of HOT that anyone can handle and Brianna Moore is here for it! This confident stud loves the attention from every direction he can get it, that includes from the camera too. So sit back, grab the popcorn, and some napkins because this one starts out entertaining AF with “The Savage” of course performing a strip tease that looks like it’s right out of a Vegas show. As you can imagine it only gets more freaky from there and it ends with a surprise facial. Must be fun having that rocket of a squirting cumshot Brent!

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